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Food values ans consuming sequence in inn


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Post 10 Sep 2018, 10:29

Food values ans consuming sequence in inn

Hi folks, i was wondering what de feeding values are from Sausage/Bread/Fish/Wine. How
much % will they put into the health bar? I know for soldiers 1 item of food no matter what is, the bar will fill up to 100 %.
For example: 1 wine barrel will fill the bar of 1 soldier to 100% but by citizens it's very different depending on what they eat in the inn.

My question is: how much % fill is for each different item of food? Sausages/Bread/Wine/Fish

1 more question: Is there a connection between the sequence of consuming food in the inn?
Example: if the inn are 100% full with all food items, choose they first always Sausages then bread etc etc.. Or choose they random items?
like wine plus fish, or bread plus wine of all kind of combi's?

Hope to see some usefull answers

Greetz ;-)


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Post 10 Sep 2018, 21:13

Re: Food values ans consuming sequence in inn

Someone else can jump in later with a better and more thorough answer since I can't remember for sure. I seem to recall the favored items to be is sausage > fish > bread > wine. This is also the descending order of most-to-least filling. Since they never eat two of the same item, they will just take whatever is best, then the next best thing. Sausage and wine actually will restore the whole condition bar, but people will always pick their favored items even if there is no benefit to do so. This is rather unfortunate, as you may see two serfs walk in, one eats a sausage and fish and leaves full and another eats bread and wine and leaves with a bit of hunger yet. The ideal situation would be the first serf eats sausage and wine, and the next eats fish and bread. But like I said, people are selfish.

Hopefully that clears a bit up. Let me know if I can better explain anything.
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Post 11 Sep 2018, 15:29

Re: Food values ans consuming sequence in inn

About the percentages:

KaM source code - KM_Defaults.pas wrote:Units are fed acording to this: (from tips and tricks)
Bread     = +40%
Sausages  = +60%
Wine      = +20% (We changed this to +30% for balance)
Fish      = +50%
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