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Help for mission 11 (TSK)




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Post 29 Jan 2008, 14:03

Help for mission 11 (TSK)

I've found a hard time when playing mission 11. I've found that enemy stonemason will break the mountain under my base in about 2 hour, and then they will attack in both ways (south and west). If I choose to kill the stonemason with my marksman to prevent breakthrough, the enemy will send troops (12 knights, swordsmen, marksmen) to destroy my troops and serf in only 30 minutes from start. How can I prevent both this from happening. Thanks for any help.


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Post 29 Jan 2008, 16:00

I usually choose to kill the stonecutter before he breaks through and make them come to me in the West. Place a couple of building at a choke point (no roads to them), this will slow down their advance. Should be able to defend with original troops however extra axemen and bowmen are advised.


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Post 29 Jan 2008, 18:05

Don't use iron in the beggining. Years ago I always tried to make iron-soldiers like swordmen etc. , but this took too much time. Use Bowmans and lancecarriers (because of the enemy's knights)
Build lots of tower at the small pass in the southeast of your town.

ATM i don't know more tips, cuz it's a long time ago since i played this level.



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Post 30 Jan 2008, 08:13

I tried to used your strategies, but with patch version 1.32, I can't place isolate tower at south as you provided in the plan. Also they will send troops like I mentioned before regardless you attack his stonecutter or not. Should I have to fast-building tower at the bottom of stone mountain, or move my kingdom up (move farm area to west of storehouse, wood in north, weapon and armor in northwest near the purple area, gold at east, coal at northeast beyond the lake and forest)?


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Post 08 Feb 2008, 19:37

first time i did this level, i killed the stonecutter and it went fine (as rotahcrem said, you can defend that chokepoint to the east with your early troops, and towers if need be). you can even destroy their southern base if you kill enough of their troops.

second time, i tried without killing the stonecutter, as it seems a bit lame to kill him?? the enemies' AI is already terrible, give them a chance!!

its harder like this, but do-able.
when you're first securing your food, ignore vineyards and just make farms (about 5 farms). these 5 farms can just about support a windmill and 3 pig farms (1 butcher and 1 tanner for the 3 pig farms).

from this, you're food supplies will be secure (your villagers will only eat bread and sausages, right?), but more importantly, you can start building troops too.
you can get early troops like this; you don't need any towers when you have enough bowmen on the defence.


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Post 01 Jul 2008, 15:44

This level is pretty hard, but I managed to destroy the town to the south and am holding off the attacks from the west easily. It should be down in a couple of hours.


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Post 07 Jul 2018, 07:35

Re: Help for mission 11 (TSK)

I know how to win this mission but you must wait because i have not timer now


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Post 09 Jul 2018, 22:21

Re: Help for mission 11 (TSK)

well, i would put that mission on the easyer half if you ask me.
as people said before, kill the mason, defend and clean out the south with your start troops.
after that its basic army building.

but its much more fun if you let the mason alive.

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