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A little game

Hi all,

Some days ago I found an unfinished map in my map archive. Its not a big secret but I'm a bit out of the KaM life nowadays, and don't really have too much mood to work on stuffs for KaM. Probably could manage time , several hours per week to finish it very soon. But I still don't feel should do it...
I heard lots of times from players need more maps even more etc... But does the community really need new ones or enough that 9,5 always played maps? Just because there are several maps which are kind of forgiven category and barely used to be played them. Event not for fun either... The reasons used to be kind of answers because 'this and that map is strange', 'I did not know the map is exist' , 'map is bullshit', 'eat your butter f....r' etc... :P

So based on this I offer a game to the community. If the community wants a new Thunder- map then prove it really wants that map. But I guess there are tons of shitty ones to play so probably the community not require new ones :mrgreen:

The community should not do too much only post or send replays into this topic about 10 games about forgotten maps (played after 28th July 2018). 60minutes normal games, speed 1-1,5x. With this the community proves that really needs new maps and gives motivation to mapmakers who are spending lots of time and passions to create new stuffs.
The games about the follow maps(1replay about each maps and with the full possible players, so summa 10 replays about 10 different maps):
-The Pro, The Noob, The Bold (3v3)
-Complication in Simplycity (4v4; 2+2 v 2+2)
-The Dark Matter (1v1)
-Entropy of the Hell (1v1)
-A GloryDay 2.1 (4v4)
-Sunday Light (1v1)
-OUT86 (4v4)
-Volcanic Violence (4v4)
-Restoring Pride(4v4)
-Reprisal to Odas(2v2)

I guess it is an easy thing and the community would get a map very soon after posted the replays. I guess it is a fair offer. As I'm sure won't touch map editor without motivation(passion is always there :wink: ).


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